The INDIAN MERCHANTS’ CHAMBER, a premier Chamber of Trade, Commerce and Industry located in the heart of Mumbai CBD, today launched  the IMC INTERNATIONAL ADR CENTRE.

The said ADR Centre, referred to as the IIAC, was formally inaugurated a few hours back at the hands of Retd Supreme Court Judge Smt. Sujata Manohar, who also formally introduced the several Rules for the IIAC, which consist of:

  1. Commercial Arbitrations Procedure 2016 Rules;
  2. Summary Claims Arbitration Procedure 2016 Rules;
  3. General Rules of Procedure & Guidelines ….. 2016;
  4. Code of Ethics & Disclosure Rules for Arbitrators 2016; and
  5. Mediation & Conciliation 2016 Rules.

For more information on IIAC and the various ADR services that it offers, visit and browse their website at