Over the past several weeks, the basic needs of the common man are seeing tumultous times. Roti, Kapda & Makaan (food, clothing & shelter) have all been in the news of late for varied reasons. Food (& milk) was seen being dumped on roads and highways in protest against non-waiver of loans, clothing is being heavily advertised for sale at deep discounts (‘Buy three, get two free!’) before the new GST law comes into effect and housing units were being offered with various attractive schemes.

While on the last of the basic needs of man, viz. housing, I may mention that I have come across several people whose marriages had been postponed (in some cases, for several years) simply because the housing unit that they intended to move into after marriage was not readied and handed over to them by the promised time (time and time again). In stead of having a ‘dream house’, they had nightmarish experiences chasing the developers and builders. Very soon, this will all be a thing of the past, what with the passing of a new law to regulate the real estate sector.

And with the introduction of the new law, there is a new law title, available in an electronic version, for immediate download from Amazon.

I know this title is not on mediation. However, I mention it here because the author is a trained mediator and a colleague at the Bar.

Shruti Desai has authored several books in the past, including one on the subject of Mediation. However, this is the first time that she has ventured into the electronic media and has introduced this very relevant book. It is on the hot topic of RERA – Real Estate (Regulation & Development) Act, 2016! The book contains not only the text, with commentary, of the Act passed by the Parliament of India and the rules thus far framed by several States, but also seeks to address a gamut of issues relating to the real estate sector. Additionally, it carries comparisons with our earlier MOFA (Maharashtra Ownership of Flats Act) and has several relevant judgements thrown in for good measure.

You can purchase and download the book here: