Date:               Sunday, 22nd December, 2019


Organizer:       Prachi

Trainer:           Prathamesh D Popat

Time:              10:00am to 5:30pm (Registration & Breakfast: 9:30am)

Venue:            Fort area, South Mumbai

Registration:  email

Fees:                Rs. 5,900.00 (inclusive of GST)

Discounts:      5% to Mediators India members; 10% to Prachi Certificate-holders

Fees include:  Certificate, all taxes, writing material, breakfast, lunch and tea & snacks

Queries:          message +919820073367


ABOUT the Workshop:

The OPENING STATEMENT is usually the first occasion for the Mediator to interact with the parties and their lawyers. Considering that the ‘first impression often has a lasting impression’, it is good to get one’s act right, before entering the Mediation Room.

This Advanced Workshop is designed to help mediators select the appropriate ingredients, tools and techniques for not only making their own Opening Statement efficacious, but to also support the parties to achieve the satisfaction of having made a clear and concise Opening Statement of their own.

Considering that the ‘Opening Statement’ is the first stage in the mediation process, it is crucial to get this ‘first button on the shirt’ right – once this is achieved, the rest of the stages fall in place with greater ease. Hence the need to learn some more so as to get a bit sophisticated about this initial stage in the mediation process.

Participants who attend the whole of the workshop shall be given a Certificate of Participation for this Advanced Workshop.

Eligibility for attending this Workshop is having attended a mediation/mediator’s workshop.