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A Wish-list for the Law on Mediation in India – 1

- a blog series by Prathamesh D Popat Several years back, Mr Fali S Nariman - an eminent jurist - mentioned that what we need is not new laws, but a better implementation of the laws that already exist. As... Continue Reading →

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Online Intensive Mediator’s Training Workshop

An intensive training workshop for those desiring to be mediators is being scheduled in July. Those interested, please watch this place for more details. The training shall be conducted online. In order to ensure one-to-one attention at crucial junctures, the... Continue Reading →

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ODR Week – 13th to 17th April, 2020

Autonomy 3.0 Of the several events happening online during these stationary times, one interesting event is the ODR Week, organised by Agami. As the name suggests, it is relating to ODR - Online Dispute Resolution - and shall comprise of... Continue Reading →

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Online Resources: Edwards Mediation Academy

Considering that we do not often get time to travel, and then again looking at the present times, when we cannot travel even if we want to, it helps to find ways in which we can get up to speed... Continue Reading →

Webinar – MEDIATING ONLINE with Presolv360

The Mediation & Conciliation Committee of the IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry is pleased to announce a new series of online events. The first one scheduled for 2nd April, 2020 shall showcase an Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform -... Continue Reading →

Advanced Workshop for MEDIATORS

40 Hours’ Mediators’ Intensive Training Workshop

THE essential training for any person seeking to become a mediator. The compact size of the group affords an INTENSIVE training for each participant.

Certificate Course in Commercial Negotiation & Mediation

Pravin Gandhi College of Law announces: Certificate Course in Commercial Negotiation & Mediation Trainers: Ms Tanu Mehta & Ms Gandha Sahu Dates: 11th to 16th March, 2019 Timings: 10:30am to 6:30pm Venue: Mithibai College Fees: Students: ₹7000; Others: ₹9000 Register:... Continue Reading →

ADR ODR International organises for Mumbaikars Training in Civil / Commercial Mediation

Event: Civil / Commercial Mediation Training Program Trainers: Rahim Shamji (UK) & A. J. Jawad (India) Dates: To Be Announced Timings: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm (subject to change) Venue: To Be Announced Fees: Rs. 50,000/- per head Register: email... Continue Reading →

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