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40 Hours’ Mediators’ Workshop by IMC Chamber of Commerce & Industry

IMC Chamber of Commerce & Industry, through its Mediation, Conciliation & Facilitation Committee, is pleased to announce a 40 Hours' Training Workshop for Mediators in Mumbai, from 31st August to 4th September, 2022. This workshop has been organised jointly with... Continue Reading →

Becoming A Mediator – Youtube

Identifying A Good MEDIATION Training

Going by the number of times I have been asked recently about a particular upcoming mediation training, I am prompted to share some information with regard to what constitutes a ‘good mediation training’. There is also some wisdom gained over... Continue Reading →

Welcome !

Hello to all my colleagues in the Mediation field. I have started this blog basically as a means of spreading the word on Mediation as an amicable process for resolution of disputes. As the title of the blog suggests, it... Continue Reading →

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