Service Providers in Mumbai

Association of Mediation Practitioners:

The Association of Mediation Practitioners (AMP) is a body incorporated for promotion of Mediation and Conciliation as a Dispute Resolution process. AMP is a body of mediators, professionally qualified and experienced as also multi-lingual, who have come together to render services as ‘Mediator’ to facilitate a dialogue and consequently attempt a settlement between parties either prior to commencement of court proceedings or even thereafter.

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Centre For Mediation And Conciliation:

 Centre for Mediation and Conciliation (CMC) is an initiative of Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the oldest operating chamber of commerce in India. Based on a survey of corporates operating in India, the Chamber has received feedback that there is growing dissatisfaction among the business houses of India about the time and cost required in the resolution of commercial disputes and enforcement of final outcome.

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IMC International ADR Centre

IIAC is an independent arm of the Indian Merchants’ Chamber; a premier Chamber of Commerce & Trade formed 108 years ago to represent Indian trade, commerce, business and industry. Over 250 trade associations including from overseas are affiliated to IMC.

Realizing the acute need for Institutional Arbitration with fixed cost and time bound schedule of proceedings as well as need for other means of dispute resolution mechanisms for early settlement, IMC embarked upon establishing a comprehensive International Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Centre. ADR is a collection of processes used for the purpose of resolving conflict or disputes informally and confidentially and without going to courts.

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ODR Ways

 ODRways is working towards promoting mediation in India through integration with technology, and is a venture by a law student and an engineer who are committed to bringing reforms to the Indian Justice System.

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 Presolv360 is a dispute management platform that blends technology, human expertise and innovation, to provide world-class dispute prevention, protection and resolution services. It is quick, cost-effective and the most efficient way to deal with disputes that otherwise land up in court.

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