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Commercial Courts Act, 2015

Amended on 20th August, 2018, w.e.f. 3rd May, 2018, the Act now introduces mandatory mediation at the pre-institution stage for all commercial matters above (presently) one crore rupees.It is hoped that the rules framed under Section 12A (1) thereof are... Continue Reading →

Lost in Translation

In mediation, it is essential that parties are on the same page and that there is no confusion about the import of each communication as also of the intent behind making it. Today's Bombay Times supplement of the Times of... Continue Reading →

A new eBook

Over the past several weeks, the basic needs of the common man are seeing tumultous times. Roti, Kapda & Makaan (food, clothing & shelter) have all been in the news of late for varied reasons. Food (& milk) was seen being... Continue Reading →

New book:

It is not everyday that a book is released in the field of mediation which is filled with personal experiences of those on its front-line. With the success of the similarly titled previous book, the ABA (American Bar Association) has now released... Continue Reading →

A New ADR Centre in Mumbai

The INDIAN MERCHANTS' CHAMBER, a premier Chamber of Trade, Commerce and Industry located in the heart of Mumbai CBD, today launched  the IMC INTERNATIONAL ADR CENTRE. The said ADR Centre, referred to as the IIAC, was formally inaugurated a few... Continue Reading →

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