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A Nice Read!

The Delightful Mr. Daphtary, by Fali S Nariman and Vinoo Bhagat, is the latest book in stores. The book shares several insights in the life of Mr C K Daphtary, a very distinguished Advocate and the first Solicitor General of... Continue Reading →

ADR Tour

In 2005 (or thereabouts), I attended a very unique course, organised by Pepperdine University. It was titled ADR Tour of Europe. The course started in the London premises of Pepperdine University. Participants joining the workshop were given instructions (followed by... Continue Reading →

40 Hours’ Mediators’ Workshop by IMC Chamber of Commerce & Industry

IMC Chamber of Commerce & Industry, through its Mediation, Conciliation & Facilitation Committee, is pleased to announce a 40 Hours' Training Workshop for Mediators in Mumbai, from 31st August to 4th September, 2022. This workshop has been organised jointly with... Continue Reading →

Becoming A Mediator – Youtube

Identifying A Good MEDIATION Training

Going by the number of times I have been asked recently about a particular upcoming mediation training, I am prompted to share some information with regard to what constitutes a ‘good mediation training’. There is also some wisdom gained over... Continue Reading →

Welcome !

Hello to all my colleagues in the Mediation field. I have started this blog basically as a means of spreading the word on Mediation as an amicable process for resolution of disputes. As the title of the blog suggests, it... Continue Reading →

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