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13th Study Circle: Preparing for Mediation

The Mediation & Conciliation Committee of the IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry is pleased to announce its next Study Circle. The details: Topic : Preparing for Mediation Date : Friday, 22nd February 2019 Time : 05:15 p.m. to 07:30... Continue Reading →

Commercial Courts Act, 2015

Amended on 20th August, 2018, w.e.f. 3rd May, 2018, the Act now introduces mandatory mediation at the pre-institution stage for all commercial matters above (presently) one crore rupees.It is hoped that the rules framed under Section 12A (1) thereof are... Continue Reading →

Indian Mediation Week 2018

Started by NUJS students in 2017, the Indian Mediation Week is now coming to several cities across India from December 11 to 16, 2018 for organising a Business Mediation Summit as well as Start Smart Awards 2018. You may visit their... Continue Reading →

12th Study Circle

The Mediation & Conciliation Committee of the IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry is pleased to announce its 12th Interactive Study Circle Session Topic:              Mediation & Sexual Harassment Speakers:       Advocate Hutoxi Tavadia & Mr. Amit Murugkar... Continue Reading →

Lost in Translation

In mediation, it is essential that parties are on the same page and that there is no confusion about the import of each communication as also of the intent behind making it. Today's Bombay Times supplement of the Times of... Continue Reading →

Conflict Resolution Day 2018

This year, the Conflict Resolution Day (CRDay) falls on October 18. It being Dussehra, a holiday in India, it shall be celebrated by the Mediation & Conciliation Committee of the Indian Merchants' Chamber of Commerce and Industry as on online... Continue Reading →

Workshop on Decision Making

1-Day workshop on Decision Making at PGCL


11th M & C STUDY CIRCLE Dispute Resolution Process through Mediation on “INTRAPERSONAL CONFLICT RESOLUTION” 11th M&C STUDY CIRCLE is being held as per the details given below: Date: Wednesday, 25th July 2018 Time: 05.15 p.m. to 07.30 p.m. Venue:... Continue Reading →

Becoming A Mediator – Youtube

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