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Conflict Resolution Day 2018

This year, the Conflict Resolution Day (CRDay) falls on October 18. It being Dussehra, a holiday in India, it shall be celebrated by the Mediation & Conciliation Committee of the Indian Merchants' Chamber of Commerce and Industry as on online... Continue Reading →

Workshop on Decision Making

1-Day workshop on Decision Making at PGCL


11th M & C STUDY CIRCLE Dispute Resolution Process through Mediation on “INTRAPERSONAL CONFLICT RESOLUTION” 11th M&C STUDY CIRCLE is being held as per the details given below: Date: Wednesday, 25th July 2018 Time: 05.15 p.m. to 07.30 p.m. Venue:... Continue Reading →

Becoming A Mediator – Youtube

Intensive 40 Hours’ BMT

An Intensive 40 hours' Basic Mediators' Training (BMT) Workshop is scheduled during the upcoming May vacations. Some details are as follows: Event:          Intensive Basic Mediators' Training Workshop Organiser:   Prachi Trainer:        P D Popat... Continue Reading →

Watch This Space !!!

A new Umbrella body for Mediators in India is in its formative stages. It is being spear-headed by some very senior Mediators from across the country and will provide the much needed support, direction & thrust to mediation-related activities in India !!! You Heard It Here... Continue Reading →

40 Hours’ BMT Workshop

The Indian Merchants' Chamber of Commerce and Industry, through its Mediation & Conciliation Committee, is pleased to announce its next 40 hours' Basic Mediators' Training Workshop. Date:           4th to 8th December, 2017 Time:          9:00 am to... Continue Reading →

New Kid On The Block !

The field of Mediation in Mumbai sees one more organization which offers institutionalized mediation in the State of Maharashtra, especially in Mumbai. Association of Mediation Practitioners is the coming together of over a dozen mediators, having varying trainings, to become the very first... Continue Reading →

9th Study Circle

The Mediation & Conciliation Committee of The IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry is pleased to announce its 9th Interactive Study Circle Session Date:          Thursday, 2nd November, 2017 Time:         5:15 pm to 7:30 pm... Continue Reading →

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