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Justice A. K. Sikri visits the IIAC

Justice A K Sikri of the Supreme Court of India, today visited the IIAC (IMC International ADR Centre) based in the heart of the business hub of South Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. Speaking before a gathering of IIAC... Continue Reading →

Global Pound Conference results from the initial 1500 Participants

As you are all probably aware, a herculean task has been underway the past whole year for collecting data from the several stake-holders in the field of dispute resolution. The effort is still on-going. However, some preliminary insights are now... Continue Reading →

Cultural Differences

It is that time of the year again in India when the stark reality of a 'cultural difference' stares one in the face. Whether you notice it or not is another thing. Today is Dussehra or Dasera - the day... Continue Reading →

Identifying A Good MEDIATION Training

Going by the number of times I have been asked recently about a particular upcoming mediation training, I am prompted to share some information with regard to what constitutes a ‘good mediation training’. There is also some wisdom gained over... Continue Reading →

Creating Creative Solutions

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Private mediation can relieve the burden of Courts in India

Some cartoons on mediation. Check 'em out here:

Welcome !

Hello to all my colleagues in the Mediation field. I have started this blog basically as a means of spreading the word on Mediation as an amicable process for resolution of disputes. As the title of the blog suggests, it... Continue Reading →

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