In 2005 (or thereabouts), I attended a very unique course, organised by Pepperdine University. It was titled ADR Tour of Europe.

The course started in the London premises of Pepperdine University. Participants joining the workshop were given instructions (followed by some role-plays) for a few days in London, during which time we were visited on different days by a variety of local professionals practicing in the field of Arbitration and Mediation, giving us an understanding of (followed by Q&A sessions on) how things work from their perspective in the ADR field. We ourselves visited some local courts as well as the premises of dispute resolution service providers based in London and having a global footprint, like LCIA & CEDR.

After about 5 or 6 days, we proceeded to Switzerland, where too we visited several institutions engaged in ADR activities, like dispute resolution in the field of sports and in the domain of IPR, guidance on the latter of which was provided by representatives of WIPO, at their headquarters.

I am today reminded of that ADR Tour of Europe workshop as just yesterday I had an opportunity to address a group of students from Anjuman-I-Islam’s Barrister A. R. Antulay College of Law, during their visit to the IMC International ADR Centre (IIAC) to get a sense of how Arbitrations & Mediations are practiced in Mumbai and the rest of India.

The students, accompanied by their Principal, Dr. (Adv.) Falaknaz Danish Shaikh and a few teachers, were welcomed and addressed in the Committee Room, then shown around the IIAC premises and were thereafter given a sense of how Arbitration and Mediation are conducted in the Indian legal system.

Posted by: Prathamesh D Popat